Variety Week

Isaiah Variety

Variety the Children’s Charity has been such a blessing to our family and to many families throughout the St. Louis area. This is Variety Week so I wanted to take an opportunity to express how Variety has helped our family. I know our story is replicated in many families who have received tremendous support and resources from Variety.

Isaiah has benefited for the past three years from Variety’s super fun and super free Adventure Camp which is offered for four weeks during the summer and two or three days over Christmas break. Isaiah enjoys the music, crafts, ice skating, gym time, swimming, field trips, wonderful counselors and chance to be with other children. Choosing summer activities can be daunting for any family, but for families like ours finding safe, affordable and fun camp opportunities is much more difficult. We are so thankful for Adventure Camp each year.

Isaiah received a therapeutic bicycle from Variety two years ago. The bike gives him a safe opportunity to enjoy our local park while strengthening his leg muscles and learning the motor plan of pedaling. Isaiah’s bike is his favorite color, purple.

This year, Isaiah had the opportunity to participate in hippotherapy at Therapeutic Horsemanship through Variety’s Ther-Happy Kids program. Without the funding from this program, Isaiah would not have the opportunity to participate in hippotherapy. Horse therapy provides an amazing core workout for Isaiah while he loves riding the horse.

Isaiah loves the Dennis and Judith Jones Variety Wonderland accessible playground at Forest Park. The accessible swings, ramps to the playground, safe flooring and water play area make it possible for him to use his walker or wheelchair to enjoy the park.

Our entire family has enjoyed the Variety night at the Magic House the past two years. Due to the often crowded environment of the Magic House, Isaiah has a difficult time navigating there with his walker on a normal operating day. The Variety night has given him the opportunity to explore the entire house with free mobility in his walker.

So far, our family has not needed help with equipment for Isaiah, but I know many families who have benefited from Variety helping to fund much needed medical equipment that was not covered by their insurance. This particular area of provision has greatly increased the safety, well-being and overall comfort of many children in our area through equipment that their families would not otherwise be able to afford. Variety has helped families afford communication devices and communication apps that have opened a world of dialog for families as well.

Variety is a wonderful charity that provides support to families all year long. Our family is thankful to live in a community with this incredible resource. Has your family benefited from Variety the Children’s Charity? If so, please feel free to share your thanks in the comments section.

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