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We went to Isaiah’s IEP yesterday and we were happy to hear about the progress he is making at school. His school does a great job communicating and we see progress at home as well, but there were a couple specific things that were really fun to hear about. His occupational therapist (OT) mentioned how he cleans up his face and hands after eating lunch. He cleans up what food he hasn’t eaten and puts it back into the containers from his lunch box. What? Somehow I had never asked him to do that. I wash his face and hands for him, never thinking to hand over the rag and have him do it himself. Well, there is a new knowledgeable sheriff in town who will be expecting him to take care of business after dinner tonight. The OT is making a new goal for working toward writing letters and drawing shapes. We’re not sure how his hands will do with that goal, but we love how much faith each therapist has in trying to push his skills forward.

His physical therapist mentioned the work she has been doing trying to teach him to transition himself into and out of his wheelchair and walker. She is pushing him to get into his wheelchair almost completely independently. I know our backs will thank her soon. Tony mentioned that we should spend some time in the background at school to see what else he is capable of that we haven’t even tried to make him do at home.

His teacher told us that he had smashed her alphabet goal this year. The goal was for him to recognize 14 letters by the end of the school year, but he knows all of them now. Her next goal is to pick a few sight words for him to learn…..reading, y’all. How exciting is that?!

My favorite story came from his speech language pathologist who has been working super hard with him on using an app on the iPad to help him communicate. She told us that she exclaimed “That’s cool” about something he had just done in class recently. He remembered the word “cool” from doing weather during calendar time at school and was able to make his way through multiple categories to get to it. He had to navigate from the home screen to a school screen to a calendar screen and then to the weather screen and each of those screens had 10 – 16 icons on them. It’s probably hard to visualize what that means if you haven’t ever seen an augmentative communication device or app, but just trust me that it was very cool to know he could do that!

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