There are several options for durable strollers that provide enough support for children with different postural needs.  These are often referred to as “medical strollers” or “pediatric wheelchairs.”


The KidKart resembles a standard stroller, but provides more options for support and strapping.  With many adjustment options, the KidKart may be able to adapt to your child’s needs.  The makers of KidKart call it “lightweight” which might be true when compared to other medical stroller options, but weighing in at 34 pounds does not make it lightweight when compared to a standard stroller.  The KidKart can be folded to fit easily into most trunks and can come with a modification to allow it to be used on school buses.


EIO Special Tomato Push Chair

The EIO comes with many adjustable features to add padding, support and ergonomic benefits for your child.  The EIO comes with a recline feature and can be folded for easy storage and transport.  The EIO comes in at a lighter weight of 22 pounds and can accommodate children up to 90 pounds.  I am unaware of whether the Special Tomato can be modified to be used on a school bus.


Stealth Lightning SE Pediatric Stroller

Another option to consider is the Stealth Lightning SE Pediatric Stroller.  I was not able to find the actual weight on this unit, but it is made of aluminum and the manufacturer describes it as “super light.”  The Stealth Lightning Stroller is available with a transportation tie-down kit.  If anyone has a Stealth Lightning Stroller, please comment below on your experience with it and your best guess as to the weight.


We will be adding other stroller options to the website in the future.  If you know of a great pediatric stroller, please comment below.

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