Regional Center Person Centered Plan

Many parents are confused about the transition from First Steps to the Regional Center. This transition can be made much easier if you have a good Regional Center case manager and if you inform yourself of what Regional Center can provide. Each year your Regional Center case manager will update a person centered plan for your child. The case manager will guide you with questions, but I have found that sometimes it’s hard to think of everything I should include since my son has so many varied needs and abilities.

In preparation for my most recent Regional Center plan update, I contacted Ann Mangelsdorf who is the Assistant Director of Family Support and Advocacy at the St. Louis ARC. The ARC recently hosted a seminar on working with Regional Center. I asked her what the plan should include and what was the purpose of the meeting. Her reply is below.

“The plan should encompass anything and everything that has to do with your child even if it is a support or service the Regional Office cannot provide. The plan is supposed to encompass all of your dreams and hopes for the coming year in all areas of your child’s life, including emotional, social, physical, spiritual, etc. If one of your goals is for him to become more independent in a particular area or have more friends or participate in something, that all gets added in. This is supposed to help everyone involved with your child think creatively about his needs and how to meet them. Just because something is in the plan does not mean the Regional Center must pay for it, but it should help the staff at Regional Center to connect your family with services that might help you accomplish your goals for your child.”

She also encouraged me to ask about my son’s eligibility for any of the Medicaid Waiver programs. I researched those programs ahead of time to be aware of what might be available. I shared my research in a post called Missouri Developmental Disability Waiver Programs.

One resource I found helpful in preparing for my son’s most recent meeting was A Plan for a Family Member from the Regional Center Handbook. You do NOT need to fill this out ahead of your meeting, but it was helpful for me to brainstorm answers to the questions:

  • What others need to know or do to support the person
  • What can you do to make sure things that are working, continue, or change those things that are not working?
  • What can other people do to keep things that are working and to change those things that are not working?
  • Look at what is working and not working, makes sense and doesn’t make sense in your life right now.

Another helpful resource was the Individual Support Plan: Guidelines, Training and Review produced by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

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