Missouri Developmental Disability Waiver Programs

There are 5 Developmental Disabilities Waiver Programs in the state of Missouri. They are:

  • The Comprehensive Waiver
  • The Autism Waiver
  • The Community Support Waiver
  • The Partnership for Hope Waiver and
  • The Missouri Children with Developmental Disabilities (Sarah Jian Lopez) Waiver.

The first four waivers require for your family to be eligible for Medicaid. The Sarah Lopez Waiver does not have this requirement. There are a limited number of each waiver and they are assigned on a greatest need basis. Each of the waiver programs provides resources and assistance once all other means of funding for an item have been exhausted. Each program has slightly different eligibility requirements and provides slightly different benefits. Some waivers include benefits such as home accessibility renovations, personal care assistants, assistive technology and therapy.

The Partnership for Hope Waiver is not available in all counties. Here is a map of which Missouri counties participate in the Partnership for Hope Waiver program. For more information, including details on eligibility requirements and benefits of each waiver, please consult the Developmental Disabilities Waiver Manual.

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