Reduced Price Picture Communication App

I am seeing lots of deals on apps that have been reduced or set to free for some time in April in honor of Autism Awareness Month. Many of these apps are beneficial to children with any developmental disability, not just Autism Spectrum Disorders. Some of the apps are reduced for just a day or a week, but some are reduced for the entire month. If you are interested in any of the reduced apps, I would recommend downloading them right away because the price may go up. The app shown below is reduced today, April 1st, but the price shown may change at any time.

So Much 2 Say – Picture Communication – Close 2 Home Apps, LLC

This looks like a wonderful introductory communication app. The reviews mention high quality pictures and easy customization. It can be adjusted to only display two large pictures and one reviewer mentioned how helpful that is for her child with Cortical Visual Impairment. There are over 9,000 SymbolStix pictures included. You can add your own pictures and record your own sound as well. This app can be modified to a very basic introduction to choosing between two symbols, but can also be used to begin basic sentence making. I believe this app is typically $24.99. The price has been dropped to $12.99, but I don’t know how long that will last.

I will continue to update the website with good deals on apps that have been reduced for this month.

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