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Look at my happy boy painting after using ProLoquo2Go to request to paint.

Look at my happy boy painting after using ProLoquo2Go to request to paint.

We have been using an app called ProLoquo2Go as an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tool for Isaiah and he has really taken off with using it recently. He certainly hasn’t mastered it yet, but it is providing a window into his thoughts and wants that we wouldn’t have otherwise since he is not able to clearly communicate verbally. He seems most excited about being able to express things like wanting to paint. It’s possible that I hide the paint (ahem, yes, I hide the paint to avoid a mess) so without a clear word for paint and without the ability to point to the hidden paint, he was not able to ask to paint before he was given this new tool for communication. Let the finger painting and clean up begin!

We have been really happy with how flexible and easy the programming of ProLoquo2Go is. You can have as few as one icon on a page or as many as 144 icons on a page. The app has both a basic communication and a core words option. With the release this week of ProLoquo2Go 3.0, the company introduced switch access as well as a “select on release” function. The select on release function will help users who have trouble perfectly isolating their pointer finger. I have not tested this brand new function as Isaiah has pretty good finger isolation now, but it sounds like it could be really helpful.


Now for the disclaimer portion of this blog post…I’m not a Speech Language Pathologist and I don’t even play one on TV. As with all therapy and device decisions, a qualified therapist should guide you in your decisions regarding AAC options for your child. The above post just reflects a personal story of success we have had with this app. Also, if you use one of the links above to purchase an app in the iTunes store, your cost will be the same, but this website will earn a small commission to help cover some of the website maintenance costs. We appreciate your support.

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