New Toy Ideas

The Christmas holiday just ended so this isn’t the most popular time for looking for new toys, but I wanted to share a few great toys that my son received this holiday. Finding toys that he will engage with is always a bit of a struggle so I’m hoping to give you some ideas for future birthdays and holidays.

Pop-Up Pirate

This toy comes with a pirate, a barrel and different colored swords. The idea is to push in the correct sword to make the pirate pop out of the barrel. Every time you play, the game re-sets where the sword needs to be placed. My son loves the idea of the game, but isn’t patient enough to wait for the pirate to pop if it takes several tries. He enjoys taking the swords out, but needs some help pushing them in. It’s a good game for working on fine motor skills and hand manipulation. The toy can be played individually or as a game with each player having a different sword color.

isaiah penguin toy
Penguin Race

I can’t fully explain the joy Isaiah gets watching these little penguins climb the ladder and go around the track. He cracks up every time he plays with this toy. As the picture shows, it can be adapted for switch use as we first learned of this toy while borrowing it from Capable Kids and Families. Without switch adaptation, the toy is operated by an on/off button. For the most part, Isaiah just watches the penguins go round and round in utter delight, but if a penguin falls he has learned how to carefully use his fingers to adjust the penguin. It’s been fun watching him figure out this skill and try to have more control over his hands. There are no skills needed to play with this toy as a child can just sit back and watch the penguins go. If you order this toy from Amazon, it will not come with the switch shown in the picture above. That would be an additional adaptation you could choose to add later.
leapfrog touch magic
Leapfrog Touch Magic Counting Train, Retail

This is a great toy for many of our kiddos who enjoy music, counting and bright colors. The Touch Magic Pad is super easy to operate as it only requires a light touch to activate the songs, counting, games and sounds. For children who have trouble depressing buttons on many toys, this touch pad would really come in handy. I was surprised by how many different things you could do on this toy. When I looked for a link to it on Amazon.com, I also noticed a LeapFrog Touch Magic Bus that might be fun too.


Crayola Glow Dome

I got this idea from another mom who thought it would be a fun gift for children with visual impairment. Your child can draw on the dome and then watch it glow and spin. The drawings are easily erased with water and a paper towel. My older daughter had a great time drawing on the dome and playing with her younger brother.


Do you have any great toy ideas to share? If so, please comment below or send us an email with a picture of your child enjoying their toy to julie@stlspecialneeds.com.

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