Apps to Work on Yes and No

Answers:YesNo Free – SimplifiedTouch
Provides the user with two buttons that can be modified to say “yes” or “no” or any other two word pair you would like. You can save up to 30 pairs of words, modify their display and record your own audio. There is also a free version to try.

Yes-No – Smarty Ears
Simple app which shows a green happy face for “yes” and a red sad face for “no.”

Autism Language Learning Series II – TalkTime Pediatric Speech Academy
Presents pictures and videos while asking yes or no questions about them. The pictures are of common objects and the videos contain actions. The user chooses “yes” or “no.” Correct answers are rewarded with different pictures of smiling cheering children. Incorrect answers are followed by a prompt to make a different choice.

Autism & PDD Yes/No Questions – Linguisystems
From Linguisystems’ popular Buddy Bear series, this app has two bears (a “yes” bear and a “no” bear) to choose from when asked a yes or no question. The yes bear nods and the no bear shakes his head. However, the bears are the same color and it took my son awhile to figure out the difference between them. I’m still not sure if he actually gets the difference between the nodding head versus the shaking head or if he is figuring it out based on their location. There is also a lite version to try out this app.

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