Adaptive Toilet Training

There are many options for accessible toilet products and every child’s needs will be different. Equipment companies like www.especialneeds.com and www.adaptivemall.com have a great selection of products if your needs are for a more advanced toileting system with greater support options.

If your child’s main need is a sturdy seat and/or a platform to help them climb onto the toilet and rest their feet, you may consider one of the options below.

Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer
The Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer can sit over your toilet providing a sturdy toilet seat with arms and a step stool for feet to rest on. The maximum weight is 96 pounds and the step stool has an adjustable height.

KidsKit 3in1 Potty Trainer
This can be used as a stand alone potty chair, on the toilet with the step and arm rails or just as a child’s seat on the toilet. One reviewer mentioned being a special education teacher and using this with children in the 4-6 age range. It does state that it has a 44 pound weight limit.

The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training
This combination of step stool and hand rails gets rave reviews. I couldn’t find the weight and height limits on this, but with “Toddler” in the title I would guess this is best for younger and smaller children.

Little Looster’s Looster Booster
This is a sturdy stool that fits around the bottom of the toilet. If your child’s main need is a step up or a place to set their feet, this might work for you.

Arm & Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat
This seat provides a sturdy base plus handles.

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer Seat
This sturdy seat also gets rave reviews on Amazon.

PRI Folding Potty Seat
We have used this folding, portable potty seat and it’s great for keeping in your diaper bag or purse for emergency potty trips in public places where the toilets may be too big for your young child. It’s especially important for a child with balance and stability issues to have a seat that they feel comfortable on in order to be able to go. This folding seat might help solve that issue in public restrooms.

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