AAC Blogs and Facebook Pages to Follow

Here are some great blogs and Facebook pages maintained by experts and parents in the AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) world. If you are exploring any stage of AAC usage with your child, you might want to bookmark or follow these sites.

Uncommon Sense Blog

This blog is maintained by Dana Nieder, a determined mama who has been kind enough to share her journey exploring AAC options for her daughter. Her daughter is currently using the Speak For Yourself app on an iPad and has had great success with it. The blog offers up a great mix of humor and determination. If you haven’t ever read Amsterdam International, be sure to check it out. You can also follow this blog on Facebook.


PrAACtical AAC

As the title implies, this website offers practical tips for implementing AAC use. It’s written with teachers and therapists in mind, but I have found it to be incredibly helpful as a parent. They just started a series called AACtual Therapy which includes articles from SLPs who use AAC in therapy. I gained a lot of wisdom reading a post titled “How I Do It: Encouraging AAC Implementation” in that series by Lauren Enders. PrAACtical AAC provides useful information on their Facebook page as well.


Jane Farrall

Jane Farrall is a speech pathologist who maintains a great blog full of tools, apps and information on AAC. Many of her blog articles highlight iPad apps to help with AAC and writing skills. She maintains and updates a long list of AAC iPad apps she has reviewed on the Spectronics website. The list includes a variety of apps for a wide spectrum of AAC capabilities. It is by far the most thorough review list I have seen in one place. She also maintains a Facebook page.


Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

This blog is maintained by Kate Ahern, a teacher of children with multiple special needs. The blog contains great information on AAC, as well as many other topics. She recently did a series on teaching the concept and communication of “yes” and “no.” This week, she published a blog post on AAC implementation at home. One of my favorite non-AAC posts by her is about creating sensory rooms relatively inexpensively. She also maintains a Facebook page.


SCAAC-N – Southern California AAC Network

This blog is designed for SLP professionals, but I have found many of the articles to be helpful as a mom who is trying to implement AAC usage at home as well. This week they posted a 45 minute video entitled “Best Practice in Choosing and Using AAC” from the MIND Institute. They also have a personal profile (rather than a business page) on Facebook.


Many of the major AAC device companies and app makers maintain their own websites, blogs and Facebook pages so you can find more pages to follow by performing searches by company or app names on Facebook or your favorite search engine. Please comment if you know of another helpful AAC blog or Facebook page.

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